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Right there.

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Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn

My friend Lana and I flatted together for close to 5 years through uni. It was one of those situations where, you find someone you can live with and you hold onto them for dear life. 

In all those years of flatting we lived with old friends, lived with new friends, and saw our way through a decent chunk of crazies too. 

Living with someone like me isn't always easy - as Matt will all too quickly confirm. My interest in food was not built for sharing a pantry and a fridge with up to four other people. Looking at my fridge now, I find it hard to believe I was ever relegated to just one shelf. And Lana too had a love for food (though perhaps, her need for hoarding strange condiments and marinades didn't run quite as deep). At one point, while advertising for a new flatmate, we decided we could only possibly take anorexic models or training astronauts who lived only on freeze dried food - the lack of space in the fridge left no other option.

When summer rolled around, Lana and I would often buy corn by the cob, and declare it a "dinner of corn" kinda night. This meant microwaved popcorn as an entree, and corn on the cob slathered simply in butter for a main. As I cooked up the corn for this recipe, I thought of those times, though I don't think our student budgets would have approved of the embellishments to which I've become accustomed.


And so I present to you: and Ode to Corn (and perhaps to Lana too). 

This is my take on Mexican street corn... of the cheeseless variety. Skipping the parmesan, this corn is doused in lime juice, salthered in my queso cheese(less) sauce, and sprinkled with coriander, smoked parmesan, and dukkah. I threw in an avocado creme too, just for good measure. Creamy, spicy, with a fresh lift from the lime, these flavours all bring out the natural sweetness of the corn. 

If you can manage it, cook the corn over a charcoal grill - the smokiness you get from the grill really takes everything to the next level. To speed the process up, I par-cook the corn in the microwave (a nod to Lana) before grilling, though you could also steam these in a simmering pan of water if that's your style.

If you can find queso cheese sauce, and dukkah at your supermarket then you can go for store bought versions. But I have some simple recipes for each here and here

Try this one for your next barbecue contribution - people will go nuts, astronauts included.


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