You know that smell when you sautee crushed garlic in a pool of butter?


Right there.

That is what makes me happy.

I've always loved eating and cooking. I'm one of those people who, after a long day at the office, goes home and spends an hour making dinner. Even though I'm dead tired, it's what makes me happy. Frozen pizza or eggs on toast? Not an option.

Originally from Hamilton, I moved down to Wellington to study law and accounting. Through uni I worked as a waitress in restaurants around Wellington. It was amazing to be around culinary creativity every day, and simple but inspired ideas to revolutionise a piece of fish or a chicken thigh.

Alas, I have finished uni, and now work as an accountant. While I love what I do, I miss being around constant culinary creativity. This blog is my way of continuing that inspiration I had every day working in the hospo industry, by jumping into the amazingly supportive and active New Zealand food blogging community.

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Photo courtesy of the amazing Anita Pitu, who I am lucky enough to call my good friend. Studying photography together at high school, she has always put my work to shame. I think I'll stick to cooking!